Adventure places of the world

There is adventure in every famous place you will ever view in a touristic guidebook, but if you made it your resolution this upcoming year to embark on fresh adventures and spread your horizon, then you are the best place. To support you put your own self to the test, we have put together a list of best adventure places in the world that you should plan to visit in 2019:

Go on walking safari in Zimbabwe

Take the traditional safari experience to the next stage by swapping a jeep for walking safari trip in Zimbabwe. A number of little guided walking safaris are accessible at Hwange National Park, home to leopards, lions, elephants, rhinos and much more. An experience to remember.

Swim alongside rare species in Australia

Placed in Western Australia, Ningaloo Reef attracts five-hundred species of fish, along with some rare species like loggerhead turtles and hawksbill, which nest on Islands and beaches close to Ningaloo between November and May. You may be capable to spot them along with humpback whales during a snorkelling tour along the charming reef.

Go skiing on Mount Etna, Sicily

It may not seem easy, but when temperatures plummet to zero in Sicily during the chill months, Europe biggest active volcano also becomes a special skiing place. There are 2 little ski resorts on the south and north sides of Mount Etna, and you will be remarkable views across to the Ionic, Mediterranean and Adriatic when the weather is best.

View Baffin Island polar bears

Baffin Island is the largest Island in Canada, yet house to just 11,000 people, due to the harsh weather situations and remote place near to the Arctic Circle. While visiting here does not come affordable or cheap, adventurers will love the chance to view animals like polar bears. Arctic wolves and Arctic foxes in their natural habitat, while beluga and orca live in the neighboring waters. Enlist a domestic guide to present you around safety.

Trekking in Morocco

Challenge yourself with a climbing tour up North African top peak, Mount Toubkal, which stands 4,168 tall. Reject visiting in the hot months, when temperatures can reach as top as 37C, and instant plan a winter climb when the mountain is almost deserted and provides scenic views over the Toubkal Massif.

Surfing in Sri Lanka

Surfing may not be the primary thing that spring to mind when you think about Sri Lanka, but with its peeling waves, minimal crowds and inviting water, it is a best location to go for beginners and more experienced suffers alike. Go to the Weligama, in the South West of Sri Lanka, for simple access to many of the top southern surf points.

Motorcycle in the isle of man

As the house to the annual Isle of Man TT races and Motorcycling festival, it is no shock Isle of Man is considered one of the top locations in the world for the sport. You can take to the course for a motorcycling adventure ways, with a number of different trips accessible.


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