Best adventure ways to enjoy

Scroll out list of kick-ass adventure ways to go on below. Pick one. Book your plane ticket. And go.

It is that easy!

So what are you waiting for? Pick your own adventure way today from these best places.

Take a warm air balloon over Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a rocky paradise that assures a landscape similar to the moon. Now amazing enough for you? With best flying situations for most of the year, you can take a warm air balloon and float between the volcanic rock formations and pidgin houses. The full experience is quite amazing, even for the most skeptical adventures.

Scuba dive along the best barrier reef

How about spending time around the most wonderful ocean life in the planet? Whether you are scuba veteran or a nervous beginner, you are promised to find a diving place along the Great Barrier Reef to match you. This is mainly because it is big, one of the few things on earth that can be viewed from outer area in fact.

Chug beer at Oktoberfest

Most people just know it for the beer, but Oktoberfest is exactly a vital Bavarian tradition that dates back to 1910. Today, it is the globe biggest fair, and is held yearly from the end of September until the initial weekend of October.

Watch sumo wrestling in Japan

You may just know sumo wrestling as the sport where 2 big men in revealing underwear fight each other. This is real, but it is also costly respected very old tradition. Back in 1800s, sumo wrestling was a vital Shinto ritual that was performed as a religious dance in the grand court.

Drink champagne in the Empire state building

The Empire State building is an American cultural icon,  and what amazing way to celebrate viewing in than with a glass of the best stuff? Standing at just under fifteen-hundred feet high, the top of the building is the best location to take in the amazing Manhattan skyline.

See penguins in Antarctica

One of the most amazing things about Antarctica is how indifferent the animals are to human look. With no native human population the wildlife will let visitors get amazing close without being phased; your response anyway will be fully different. Antarctica is house to a type of beauty that will stay with you for the rest of your life, it is fully indescribable.

Ride a gondola in Venice

Venice is one of the most charming cities in Europe, and what amazing way to explore it than being serenaded by an Italian gondolier and floating down on the city’s stunning canals.

Explore the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador

These remote islands are one of the few locations left in the globe where the effects of tourism are closely regulated. Even though there is some development, the islands remain mostly untouched by human interference.

Dance at the Rio Carnival

The yearly Rio carnival needs no introduction, every person has heard about the well-known bright costumes and that extravagant dancing. Every year, over 2 million people flock to the streets every day during the celebrations, so you are promised to experience the street part of a lifetime.


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