Digital Asset Management Explained

When you’re starting out in the photography or media business, having the proper tools of trade to be successful is crucial to surviving. Changing technology and the prevalence of the Internet in our everyday lives means that the way we communicate and do business has and is still evolving rapidly. Aside from the latest in camera and graphic processing technologies, digital asset management software has become a necessity for file security, data management and client interaction.

What is Digital Asset Management?

On the most basic level, digital asset management refers to keeping track of files and data. Primitive DAM could be storage on an external hard drive or a digital filing system for your local devices.

Internet and cloud based storage ideas mean that, in the past 5 years local data backups have become obsolete and rudimentary. Digital asset management software today is expected to provide users and Business with a complete set of features that not only serve to keep track of data, but provide additional functionality.

What can Digital Asset Management software add to my work/business?

Good DAM software should help you improve efficiency, communicate more effectively with staff/clients and allow you complete control over the work you produce. Look for these features before choosing a software suite.

– Online data backup and storage
– Browser access from any computer with an internet connection
– User and group permissions to manage security and access
– Reports on statistics like usage, data stored and media accessed
– Email functionality for faster turnover and better client satisfaction
– A tagable, searchable library where you can store and quickly access your media

These features should allow you the complete control over your data that you need – after all, your images and the content that you create is your business’ greatest asset.

What’s wrong with local storage?

Hard drives corrupt, discs get scratched and flash drives get lost. Internet and cloud based storage doesn’t only offer you extra security, it allows you and anyone else working on a project with you to access the most recent changes without having to swap discs or other storage media. Get the safety of an online storage system as well as all of the functionality that it offers.

Stop living in the past – if you’re running a photography or media business you NEED to have the most secure, full featured digital asset management software available. Improve efficiency and keep your data safe with the latest technology.


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