How to impress a woman on your first date


The first meeting must be romantic, easy and fun. It’s a must. Otherwise, the first meeting will be your last meeting. Women want a strong man, but who knows when to be tender and obedient. Here are the basic rules to impress a woman when you go out on your first date.

Take care of everything. Prepare the meeting in detail

You are the one who will reserve the table in a restaurant, and you are the one who will pick her up from home. You can’t tell her to meet you at the restaurant. Or, worse, ask her “What do you want to do?”. Women like to be treated with elegance and this will be a plus for you. An extremely important one.

Be spontaneous

Think outside the box and prepare a special date. Women adore surprises and they love to play. You can tell her just to wear sports shoes. Surely, going out in nature will impress your partner. Take a long walk, go horseback riding, and show her how much fun she can have with you, maybe forever.

Be a gentleman

Do not be late. Open the door. Do not hesitate to compliment her. Women love to be complimented and this is a good way to break the barrier of the first date. Tell her she looks good, she’s beautiful, you like how she is dressed. However, be careful. Do not exaggerate with compliments and be honest. The woman has an extraordinary ability to feel the man when he tries to impress superficially. Women like Jullieta love honest men, and especially gentlemen.

Be natural

Be yourself. Relaxed and open. She does expect you to sweep her of her feet in the first ten minutes. If you speed the process, she will take a few steps back, and you can’t change the first impression. Do not boast, be patient and listen, and your partner will appreciate you.

Pay attention

Demonstrate that you are a good listener! Be present, don’t just wait for your turn to talk. Everything should gravitate around her, to make her feel relaxed. Any gesture counts and a touch on her hand is welcome anytime.

Flirt but not too much

Flirting is the most beautiful part of the meeting, both for men and women. Any lady will appreciate if you have a sense of humor, but you do not have to exaggerate with jokes. Even if we love to see them laughing, they have to see that we are capable of having a serious discussion.

Give her all your attention

You should never answer the phone during a meeting with a lady. According to the code of good manners, you are not even allowed to keep it on the table. Show her that you are educated, and direct your attention to the partner in front of you. If you can do all these things on your first date, you are most likely to succeed. At the end of the night, take her home and tell her you would like to see her again soon.

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